Zara Pefumes, Ranked & Reviewed

As well as being a hot spot for runway-ready looks, Zara has quickly become one of the most unlikely perfume brands—yes, you read that correctly. While the affordable retailer might not be the first place you would look in comparison to leading fragrance sellers such as Chanel or Byrdeo, it has developed a cult following for its intoxicating and high-sillage aromas. In fact, if you search the phrase “Zara Perfumes” on TikTok you’ll be greeted with an array of fans articulating their love for the Spanish brand. For this reason, we thought it would only be right to reveal the fragrances that deserve a place on your vanity and a spritz on your wrist. With the help of TikTok and our own expert knowledge (FYI: I can’t live without my Night Pour Homme Parfum), we have curated a list of the best Zara perfumes that will have you coming back for more—and, that’s an Editorialist promise.

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