Zac Efron broke his hand while filming thriller film ‘Gold’ and was so dedicated to the role that he continued to film without telling anyone because he didn’t want the production to get shut down. : entertainment

Not a bot reposter, one of the moderators took down my original post, despite it being #1 on r/movies. It’s obvious they have (not all of them, but one of them) some weird bias dislike for him, because despite it being up for 10 hours and the top post, they (one of them) removed it, proclaiming, it was “gossip” despite the director himself, telling the story and sharing the story in the article and mentioning seeing Zac’s x-rays.

When I asked them about it, they started hurling insults in mod mail (told me to post here), because they couldn’t accept that (they were in the wrong) for purposely removing a post for no reason at all, besides personal bias, and tried to gaslight me in modmail, lol.

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