You’ll Serve Twilight Vibes With TikTok’s “Vampire Skin” Trend

TikTok‘s newest beauty trend is a fangtastic callback to the Twilight era.

Let’s first set the scene: It’s 2008 and your eyes are glued to the big screen as Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) swoons over Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), an immortal vampire. And while Edward has many charming attributes, it’s his glistening skin—which sparkles in the sunlight—that has brought a whole new world of enchantment.

And now, “Vampire Skin”—at least, that’s what beauty gurus are calling it— is the viral look taking over TikTok. The hashtag has amassed more than two million views and features over a dozen videos on how to achieve the glamorous effect.

August Sombatkamrai, a.k.a. @imonaugust, is the mastermind behind the extremely sparkly look. Before diving into their Sept. 30 tutorial, the content creator displayed a photo of Edward’s glowy pale skin as the inspiration.

Next, August mixed their foundation with silver liquid glitter and blended it all over their face. Taking it up a notch, they then applied pressed glitter shadow on the apples of their cheeks, the tip of their nose, chin and eyelids. 

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