Winona Ryder Stars in Marc Jacobs Campaign

Fashion is all about the juxtaposition of enduring style and of-the-moment energy. It can feel like there’s a riddle enveloped within (what’s meant to last for years, yet catches the zeitgeist for a gotta-have-it vibe?) but when the solution is presented, it invariably feels like it just makes sense.

Such is the case with all elements of Marc Jacobs’s new global campaign for the launch of the J Marc Shoulder Bag. From the wardrobe to the face to the bag itself, it’s all stuff we would have loved five or 10 years ago but we’re gravitating toward right this very second.

The campaign marks the return of Winona Ryder to the Marc Jacobs universe.

The actress is a personal friend of the designer and no stranger to the label’s glossily produced ads. She starred in the Spring 2003 campaign (happy almost-20th anniversary to those buzzy shots!) and was tapped for the brand’s inaugural beauty campaign in Spring 2016, marking the first-ever beauty spot for Ryder, too.

The J Marc Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs The J Marc Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

For the new campaign, she’s outfitted in archival runway pieces. From the ready-to-wear to the shoes to the woman, it’s all stuff that’s never stopped appealing or lost its cool cred.

But, the bag itself is the real hero.

The J Marc Shoulder Bag is that ideal shape where it’s neither too big nor too small, capable of handling day-to-day essentials without feeling barren if all you’ve got to bring along is a cell and a credit card.

The Monogram J Marc Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs The Monogram J Marc Shoulder Bag
Credit: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

There’s versatility in the design as well, with two different straps included. There’s a nylon webbing option and a chunky chain that harkens back to the Stam Bag, a true It-bag that saw major street-style saturation in the aughts. You can switch between the two or simply just go without, turning it into a nice size clutch for evening, more formal events, or a day when you just want to mix things up.

Color-wise, there are bright candy hues and more subdued neutrals: Discover all the options here.

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