Will Kyle Larson’s Kids Follow in His NASCAR Footsteps? He Says…

Kyle Larson is living life in the fast lane.

The NASCAR champ is letting fans into his exhilarating world—both on and off the racetrack—on USA’s new series Race for the Championship, which follows the professional and personal lives of elite drivers and teams competing in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series.

According to Larson, racing year-round and finding time to spend with his wife Katelyn, their son Owen, 7, and daughter Audrey, 4, isn’t exactly easy.

“My kids are crazy, my racing schedule is crazy—I appear laid back all the time but I think getting a glimpse into how I balance all that is gonna be fun to see,” Larson told E! News exclusively.

Being at the top of his game, Larson says he only gets “four or five weekends a year” off from racing.

“2020 I ran 96 races, last year I think I ran 96 or 98, this year I’m probably gonna be right around that same number again,” he revealed. “I’m racing definitely more than twice as much as a lot of the competitors but almost three times as much as some of them. I stay super busy and probably too busy sometimes, but it’s what I love to do and it’s my career and I wanna be the best at it and I feel like the more I race the better I get.”

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