Why The Great British Baking Show Hasn’t Had an All-Star Season

The Great British Baking Show: All-Stars won’t be happening anytime soon. 

On the heels of the series’ 13th season, judge Prue Leith is explaining why she and Paul Hollywood haven’t gotten the show’s winners back together for a shot at the ultimate crown (or, in their case, cake platter).

“If you’ve already won Bake Off, your life changes,” she exclusively told E! News. “You become either a very well-known baker, or you find yourself with a bakery business, or you’re on television as a presenter, or you are writing a new cookbook, and you have a reputation you don’t want to damage.”

Because of that, Prue said that she thinks the series would “struggle” to draw in previous winners, though they have “never tried, to be honest.”

“They feel that it’s the top of their career so far,” she added. “Would you want to risk losing it?”

Well, we’d certainly love to watch it. 

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