Why Lauren Conrad’s Desire to Have Kids Changed After Meeting Husband

For a long time, Lauren Conrad ‘s future was unwritten, ending unplanned.

Fast-forward to today, she’s the proud mom to two kids, but the 36-year-old recently admitted that her maternal clock wasn’t always ticking.

“When I was young, I just assumed that’s kind of what you do,” she said about the idea of having children on the May 3 episode of the Perelel Lives podcast. “I was not sure I was open to it. At that age, like 25, I was like, I don’t know if I need to be a mom.” 

But once she fell in love with her husband William Tell, 42, Lauren’s mindset began to shift.

“I wanted to have a family with him and I wanted to have kids with him,” she shared. “Maybe that’s what I was unsure of before. I just hadn’t found a partner who I was really excited to start a family with, so I think that was it for me.”

She continued, “I think kids are a little bit of magic. They bring a little magic to your life.”

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