Why Lady Gaga Consulted With Bradley Cooper Before Gucci Role

Never forget the moment when a friendship is born.

Back in October 2018, fans saw Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga light up the big screen with their chemistry in the Oscar-nominated film A Star Is Born, and though the actors have moved on to a variety of new roles, their bond remains stronger than ever. 

“Bradley Cooper really believed in me for the role of Ally Maine in A Star Is Born and the way that he empowered me to take helm of that character as well as take helm of the soundtrack and work with him so closely on a movie about music and a movie about musicians, it really was the success of our artistic collaboration and I think it landed me where I am now,” Lady Gaga shared on the Dec. 13 episode of Entertainment Weekly‘s Awardist podcast. “I’m able to read lots of scripts and talk to lots of different directors. It’s a true honor.” 

And as Lady Gaga receives Oscar buzz once again for her role as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, the actress is proud to say she “absolutely” consulted with Bradley before taking on the role.

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