Why Haircuts Should Be Gender Neutral

The binary is also reflected in price. While gender-based pricing is now unlawful in some states like New York and Massachusetts, countless salons across America still charge more for “women’s haircuts.”

That enforcement of the binary leaves out a lot of people who identify somewhere on the spectrum, as well as those looking for something different than conventionally feminine or masculine cuts. At Hairrari, all haircuts are priced according to the creativity of the cut and length of hair.

“Hairrari was such a respite for me because it felt like the only public place I could be out as trans / fully myself,” AB Blader, a customer, wrote in an Instagram message. “I remember my first time there telling Syd I wanted a haircut that would make me look like a cute femboy f@g and not like a lesbian and they knew exactly what I meant. Truly such a gender euphoric moment.”

When Ryczko founded Hairrari ten years ago, she didn’t immediately advertise it as gender neutral. She always wanted the place to be a friendly space for everyone, and especially non-binary people. The clientele and the team (many of whom are former clients) came to reflect that.

Ryczko officially added the label of gender neutral about four or so years ago, when a client suggested it. “I never really thought it’s a good idea to label Hairrari gender neutral,” says Ryczko. “But then after thinking about it, I [realized]… That’s what it is, it’s gender neutral. We’re catering to everyone, and also we want people to be comfortable asking for any type of haircut, whether it’s feminine, masculine, or androgynous.”

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