Where To Buy Sustainable, Compostable Cotton Underwear

It’s no secret that undergarments made from natural fibers have many benefits, including air flow, breathability, and bacteria-combatting qualities. However, few panties can claim to break down and become one with the soil –– and in a mere 90 days, for that matter. Through “months of research, trials, and fittings,” according to the brand’s website, founder Stacy Grace created a pair of undies that are not only made from organic fibers but can also return to nature when they’re no longer of use. The no-frills basic styles like the brief, hipster, high-waist, and thong are perfect for uncomplicated everyday day wear, and the underwear is made from the softest, most luxurious-feeling Supima cotton too. The fits also have wearers satsified: One reviewer raved that they experienced “no ride up or slip down” while wearing the skivvies.

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