What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Personal Style


Your approach to fashion: “Aries is, stylistically, a risk taker. Style choices tend to be daring and sometimes you emphasize sexuality, sometimes you emphasize an outdoor wilderness-y vibe. There could be this feeling, ‘I’m ready for action.’ Whatever it is you’re wearing, you’re not going to be wearing something that’s fussy or uncomfortable or takes a long time to put together, but makes an immediate impact. Aries is more interested in starting trends that are not yet wildly popular than in paying attention to what is mainstream.” 

How your zodiac sweater speaks to you: The siren-red shade (perfect for the most daring), the statement-making Aries sheep, the roomy silhouette (size up for an effortlessly cool, oversized look).

How to style your zodiac sweater: “Bright colors, pieces that feel sexy but comfortable, like short shorts or a bedazzled baseball cap. In other words, pieces that are a little aggressive, a little tomboyish, and sexy without it being high femme.”

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