What to Wear for Every Kind of Workout

What to Wear for Every Kind of Workout

Written by: Amanda Chung


Published on: January 17, 2023

Fashion editor: Sandra Slusarczyk

Photo courtesy of The Pilates Class

If your favorite sports bra is starting to look a little sad or the leggings that once fit like a dream now need to be hiked up every five minutes, you’re probably due for a refresh. Plus, it is resolution season, and the streamlined, sweat-wicking outfits below will make your follow-through that much sweeter. All those recommitting to consistency this month, say aye. (Aye.)


workout outfit

For a gentle yoga flow or a lengthening, strengthening Pilates session, all you’ll need is a soft matching set, grippy socks, and slides you can kick off once you get to class. Bala’s weighted bangles—which can be worn around your wrists or your ankles—add the right amount of resistance should you want to kick things up a notch. And if you’d rather get your sweat on while supine, may we suggest investing in a sauna blanket?

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workout outfit

Training for that marathon you’ve always wanted to run. Hitting the mat for a cardio-boxing class. Taking up tennis. For more-intense workouts, opt for thicker fabrics—with sweat-wicking properties—that will support you through every rep, step, or rally. Other nice-to-haves: clean deodorant, designer dumbbells, and a recovery bath soak to soothe tired limbs.

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