What to do if metal melts onto a glass cooktop

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warned as far back as 1993 that aluminum pots, or ones made of stainless steel with an aluminum core, could melt if they were allowed to boil dry. But in recent years, there have even been reports of melting bases when pans were filled with water and heated on high, especially on glass cooktops. Cuisinart’s website no longer displays the manual for your discontinued model, but for its current aluminum-core models, the advice is clear: Never use high heat. “Food will burn,” the manual says. “A pure aluminum core enveloped by stainless steel makes this cookware highly conductive and efficient for quick, even heat distribution. We recommend a low to medium setting for most cooking. To boil water, medium-high is sufficient.” It warns never to leave a pan empty over a hot burner. “Doing so can ruin the pan and cause damage to the stovetop.”

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