What Is a Russian Manicure? We Asked a Professional

  • Russian manicures have become increasingly popular in recent months.
  • Characterized by an extensive cuticle cleaning, this style is praised for giving the nail an extremely neat look.
  • A celebrity manicurist breaks down everything you need to know before getting a russian manicure.

Kendall Jenner’s manicurist Lisa Kon recently posted a picture of the model’s nails on Instagram, and while Jenner chose an eye-catching tortoiseshell french tip as her design of choice, something else stood out: the incredibly clean and neat look of her cuticle area.

While a clean cuticle line is a prerequisite for any decent manicure, Jenner’s in particular stood out because it looked like she had almost no cuticle at all, and the effect made her nails look incredibly natural. The secret behind this look, it turns out, is a technique called a russian manicure, and the style is quickly gaining traction in the US.

Not only has there been an increase in TikTok videos documenting people’s experiences with getting russian manicures, but searches for the manicure trend have increased 110 percent over the last week, and experts are predicting that the look will take over in 2022. That said, there are definite downsides. For one, many dermatologists and manicurists will advise against cutting your cuticles completely (after all, they are there “to protect the new nail from bacterial and fungal infections as they grow out from the nail root,” dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, previously told POPSUGAR).

Still, to better understand the popularity of this growing nail trend, we asked celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein to explain the ins and outs of a russian manicure, as well as what you can expect should you decide to get one. Read ahead for her best tips.

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