Welcome to Strada, A New Kind of Gallery for Emerging Talent

This weekend in Manhattan, amid a bustling crowd of the city’s cool kids, Strada opened a new exhibition, at the same time celebrating its one-year anniversary. Just behind noisy Washington Square Park, the gallery was making noise all its own. 

Founded by 23-year-old Paul Hill, Strada is first and foremost an art gallery and online marketplace, prioritizing transparency, fair representation, and equal opportunities for its band of emerging and established creatives. (Strada counts over 400 artists and collectors in its orbit.)

As a recent student of Grinnell College, Hill decided to leave school to pursue Strada full time. Beginning with his own art career selling screen prints to afford rent in New York. “I realized how many disadvantages there were for artists who sell their own artwork. The only options really available were through art dealers or galleries, and the spaces that I found myself entering were not spaces designed or built for people like me, or from people from similar backgrounds as me,” says Hill. “I thought, Let’s design a space and a new path for artists to take within the art world.”

Paul Hill in the gallery space. 

Photo: Marisa Langley

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