Watch Too Hot To Handle Alums Compete on Floor Is Lava

The contestants on Too Hot To Handle are used to the heat, but lava, that’s a different story.

Harry Jowsey and Chase DeMoor—contestants on seasons one and two, respectively, of the Netflix social experiment reality show—bring their talents to Netflix’s Floor Is Lava, in this exclusive clip from season two, which premieres June 3.

On the show, contestants are forced to navigate a treacherous obstacle course while attempting not to have any body part touch the “lava” below them.

In the clip, Harry is tasked with rolling a dartboard so he can reach a dance machine to bring down a disco ball and swing closer to the exit. Yes, you read that correctly.

However, once Harry climbs on the giant dartboard, he begins to spin and his gorgeous locks come dangerously close to touching lava. He’s forced to do an inverted split in order to save himself. 

“You know, in Australia, I think the dart boards actually spin in the other direction,” Floor Is Lava host Rutledge Wood jokes in the clip.

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