Watch the Scary Moment This Newscaster Gets Hit By a Car on Live TV

When asked if she was struck by the car from high or below, Yorgey wasn’t too sure. “I don’t even know, Tim. My whole life just flashed before my eyes, but this is live TV and everything’s OK,” she said. “I thought I was in a safe spot, but clearly we might need to move the camera over a bit, so let me do that while I’m thinking of it.” 

While Yorgey adjusted the camera’s location and caught her breath, Irr explained that drivers often get confused when navigating around emergency vehicles during a water main break. 

Yorgey agreed, adding, “People get distracted a little bit.”

Speaking with NBC News, Yorgey said she was feeling all right outside of a little soreness. “I got checked out, no broken bones,” she told the outlet. “They said I’ll be sore for a little.”

Explaining her decision to continue reporting, Yorgey said, “I felt safe and that’s why I didn’t leave and I kept doing the live shot.” 

She continued, “I definitely love my job, I would not trade it for the world.”

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