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Hello, Hamish.

Hello, Vanessa.

You look wonderful this evening.

Oh, thank you so much.

I’m wearing Moschino designed

by my dear friend, Jeremy Scott.

I am giving my


gilded, gothic, witchy fantasy.

I like it is honestly a dream being here right now.

Tell me everything.

Well, this is Gucci and it is all existing materials.

So we didn’t, you know,

have to waste a bunch of stuff.

This is all already existed.

And just wanted to like be kind of as,

I don’t know

eco-friendly as possible, I guess, with the, with-

Really you look hot, you look amazing.

I mean, you’ve got it down.

You look amazing

Down for sure.

This is Vaccarello,

and we just wanted to do this

feather owed to

an old Jerry Hall, YSL reference.

I remember the moment,

I was at the show when she wore it.


So I just felt like that really jumped out to me.

And I loved that reference

and I’m super happy with how it came out.

I saw like a color change, the dress change.

Explain to me what we just witnessed

on the carpet right now.

I patina’d. I arrived in copper,

and then like New York city

classic architecture, I patina’d.

This is detailing from the empire state building,

some of the draping from the statue of Liberty.


The, this is the constellations

from grand central station painted there.

And there all the designers I work with,

but Versace especially

every time they bring their A-game and I’m like

how can you guys get any better?

This is a problem.

You’ve been too every time.

Very sexy.

Very, and you have a baby here.

How, how, how is this ?

How is this possible?

Yeah, I just thought let’s also just kill the Lily

and get a little bit, even more sparkly.

No, pressure. But like we need,

when are we getting some new music?

Because I’ve listened to the album multiple times

and I’m like, I’m so excited to see what you do next.

You’re very sweet.

Yeah. I’m working on it right now.

I’m constantly writing and just wanna make sure it’s right.

And yeah, I’m excited for a new era.

I mean, the, the, the thing is

and I’ve said this I’ve said this

to Priscilla and Jerry here

making them proud,

was really at the core of it all for me.

Making all the people who loved Elvis so much

proud and doing justice.

And so I, I just set out to find his humanity

as much as I could and

and bring that out with as much life as I could.

Yeah, no you gotta tell me about this look,

cause no, no, no, no, no.

You came and you said, I’m gonna shut it down today.

The jewels all over your face and your body

cause that’s different and really, really fire.

And you know, I don’t like to sit for stuff like that.

No you don’t, no you don’t.

I’m so impatient, but today

but it’s for everything for Riccardo.

This is a full party.

We are here with the entire



What’s good, everybody.


So, so tell me about your inspirations.

What were you thinking of?

I was thinking of gilded glamor.

I was thinking of all the,

the ways to take it in different directions.

Thinking about the moldings of

all these old money mansions

and all the different kind of [Foreign Language 00:03:19]

you’d find inside there

and taking those elements and making them into dresses.

Every single person

in this lineup has had a beautiful, beautiful moment.

And it’s been unforgettable

and tonight’s gonna be just as unforgettable

as any of those.

I’m like, I wish I could unpack all of those moments

because there are genuinely

this is just a group of icons, I’m I’m dead.

I love it so much.

[Hamish] Here with Conan Gray.

Tell me what you’re wearing.

I’m wearing Valentino by Pierpaolo

It’s a cape above all is what I really wanted.

And yeah, it’s a beautiful chiffon,

I have giant platform boots on.

Okay, great.

That I hopefully won’t fall in.

Are you managing so far.

So far so good.

I just put Coachella in these exact platforms.

Oh you did.

And I was jumping.

So I feel like I’ll survive today.

I talked with Joseph Altuzarra

who is a wonderful young designer, as you know

and he suggested some embroidery of meaningful words.

And I said, well, what about American women in the past

to have inspired me.

Everyone from Abigail Adams and Sacagawea

to Harriet Tubman, to Eleanor Roosevelt,

to Shirley Chisholm, to Madeline Albright, who we just lost.

And I thought it would be historic

to wear a dress like that.

And really in keeping with the evening.

It’s been 20 years.

I told Anna that I would come every 20 years

and I’m thrilled to be here this year.

What’s interesting about fashion is interpretation.

And I think what’s happened in fashion is that

rules have been broken a little bit

and that we don’t have to necessarily

look like our neighbor or like our classmate

or like the other mothers or like colleagues.

So I think what’s happened is over time we’ve seen,

maybe a little bit of deconstruction

but maybe more appreciation for the construction.

That is absolutely true.

I don’t know

No, that is so, so right.

Double Victorian trouble.

That’s it.

Gilded trouble.

That’s it.

Double Victorian gilded trouble.

That’s all you need to know.

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