Watch Kris Jenner Get Ready for the Met Gala 2022

“Fashion has always told a really big story in my life,” Kris Jenner says. Attending the Met Gala is always exciting for her, but 2022 is special: all five of her daughters are going, and she’s particularly in love with her Jackie O–inspired attire. As she sits in hair and makeup, she introduces Fernando Garcia, the creative director of Oscar de la Renta: “He has made a very beautiful yellow dress for me to wear tonight—one shoulder, glamorous. Very regal.”

For beauty, Jenner is leaning into playful glamour brought to life by celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega and hairstylist Léa Journo. Not only is she eager to sport a dress in her favorite color, yellow, but she’s thankful it fits comfortably. “One of the things you really want to eliminate is the feeling of being uncomfortable.”

After a few photos at an Instagram station down the hall, Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble emerge from The Ritz-Carlton through a swarm of paparazzi and screaming fans, where a car awaits to shuttle the couple to the infamous Met steps. After Jenner ascends them, she’ll be waiting at the top for her daughters to arrive—the ultimate proud mom moment that she notes “is one of [her] favorite things to do, ever.”

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