Watch Alana Haim Cover Powerline’s Song From A Goofy Movie By Audience Request

Last week during HAIM’s tour stop at Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, noted A Goofy Movie Stan Alana Haim responded to a fan request by covering the Goofy Movie song “I2I.” (For context, “I2I,” pronounced “Eye To Eye,” was performed by Tevin Campbell as the character Powerline, who performs with Goofy and Max at a concert in Los Angeles at the 1995 animated movie’s end.) For even more context, the Licorice Pizza star has talked about her love for A Goofy Movie many times in the past, telling Vice in January: “People make fun of me, but my favorite movie is A Goofy Movie. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch A Goofy Movie. It’s the best movie of all time.” Watch a snippet of HAIM’s “I2I” cover below.

@supjl_ Alana Haim being the number 1 A Goofy Movie stan at their concert #haim #concert #alanahaim #phoenix #fyp ♬ original sound – Joel
@haimtv alana haim on #thegoofymovie | #alanahaim #haimtok #haimtheband #fyp #filmtok ♬ it chokes me up to even talk about – haimtv

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