Watch 10 Things F1 Driver Alex Albon Can’t Live Without | 10 Essentials

There are a few things Formula One driver Alex Albon can’t live without. From his Oculus Rift and some AirTags to his circuit ID and a pair of Crocs, here are the Williams Racing driver’s essentials.

Director – Graham Corrigan
Director of Photography – Matt Krueger
Editor – Jason Malizia
Talent – Alex Albon
Producer – Kristen Rakes
Associate Producer – Sam Dennis
Production Managers – Andressa Pelachi & Peter Brunette
Production Coordinator – Carolina Wachockier
Talent Booker – Paige Keffer
Camera Operator – Oliver Lukacs
Audio – Kari Barber
Production Assistant – Raihyah Cannon
Post Production Supervisor – Rachael Knight
Supervising Editor – Rob Lombardi
Assistant Editors – Diego Rentsch & Billy Ward

Released on 01/23/2023

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