‘Warzone’ player explores upcoming Caldera map with camera bug

A Warzone player has used a spectator cam bug to preview what looks like Caldera, the next map to come to the battle royale.

Taking to Twitter (thanks, VGC), Call Of Duty content creator Jgod shared a clip of him using a spectator cam bug – which allows players to take the camera well outside the bounds of a map and explore the surrounding area. Jgod used this bug to take a look outside of the newest Call Of Duty: Vanguard map, Shipment.

While the environment and surrounding buildings are very low quality, the clip seems to reveal a first glimpse at what Caldera will look like. Outside of Shipment, there is a military camp that is surrounded by a small coastal town and towering mountains. Across the water, there’s a plethora of battleships and what looks to be more industrial docks.

A lot of the scenery seems to line up with the first glimpse of Caldera that players got at the start of November, suggesting that out-of-bounds Shipment does indeed include Caldera.

Unfortunately, fans will need to wait a bit longer to jump into the map. On November 19, it was announced that both the Caldera map and Call Of Duty: Vanguard season one would be delayed by one week. Vanguard owners will now be able to jump into Caldera on December 8, while open access begins on December 9.

In other news, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has reportedly said he will “consider leaving” the company if he cannot fix concerns of sexual misconduct “with speed”. Kotick also reportedly apologised for his handling of recent sexual harassment allegations, and said he was ashamed of some of the incidents that occurred under his watch.

Last week, a report alleged that Kotick has been aware of sexual misconduct within Activision Blizzard since 2018.

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