Vuarnet Takes a Mystical Trip to the Mountains, Thanks to Boramy Viguier

The video shows a quartet of skiers on foot and on horseback taking a snowbound odyssey towards…well, I won’t spoil it for you…in oversized fake fur jackets, overalls with billowing cargo pockets, zip-necked sweaters, with high-vis collars and block-band parkas, all accessorized with black and white furry gauntlets, trailing scarves and balaclavas which shroud most of the face of our intrepid voyagers, while the gleaming futuristic eyewear covers the rest. What’s not apparent: Much of this is made out of recycled performance materials, continuing the commitment Viguer started with his own label, while many of the pieces were made in small factories around France, stressing his commitment to a small footprint (in the snow).

Bias-striped sweaters, zippered overalls, drawstring gauntlets—pieces which work for the slopes and the streets. Photo: Courtesy of Vuarnet.

“I like that Vuarnet is a brand with a lot of history, a lot of patrimony,” Vigiuer said the evening before his screening of the video at 3537, the new Comme des Garcons Dover Street Market outpost in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. “Since starting I wanted to bring a more stylish feel to tech garments; to make them a little more austere because skiwear is usually bright and floral. I like the severity! I had fun.” Also, major points scored here for making this, well, making this, period: This isn’t merely an exercise in image and branding; the vast majority of Viguier’s Vuarnet will be manufactured. You might never make it near a ski lift but what’s on offer would make even trudging to the subway magical.

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