VRJAM’s Visceral 5th Dimension Platform Is a Glimpse Into the Future of Metaverse Raves – EDM.com

Whether or not you agree with the concept of the metaverse, there’s no arguing it’s music’s next frontier. It’s changing the industry as we know it—and VRJAM is one of the biggest catalysts.

The accessibility, affordability and sustainability of the metaverse are already being enjoyed by its advocates. But when it comes to live music experiences in the metaverse, VRJAM knows that fan engagement is the real key.

For artists embracing Web3, a phrase referring to the next iteration of the internet that promotes decentralized protocols, VRJAM could be a knight in shining armor. After all, it’s not easy building a fanbase these days, but the company’s blockchain-powered platform enables musicians to do it in innovative ways—and monetize it.

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