Voice Behind Racist ‘AI Rapper’ Isn’t Happy About Its Creators Who ‘Ghosted’ Him

A human rapper has come forward to claim that he voiced the “AI rapper” that was signed and then cut from a record label this week after being criticized for employing racist stereotypes.

Atlanta-based rapper Kyle The Hooligan described his involvement in the controversial FN Meka project in Instagram posts to his followers on Tuesday.

Capitol Music Group, which owns the label that “signed” the virtual artist, apologized to the Black community and announced it would immediately cut ties with the endeavor.

Kyle told his fans that the creators came to him with the AI idea and he wanted to stay quiet about his experience with the project until it “blew up.”

“[They were] like, ‘Would [you] want to be the voice of it?’ I thought it was gonna be like some kind of collaboration,” Kyle said.

“They promised me equity into the company, percentages, all this stuff. So I’m thinking, OK, this about to be some collab, something different for me, so where I can do my music and be on some AI stuff with this FN Meka character.”

That didn’t happen, Kyle claimed.

He later said the creators “ghosted” him and didn’t pay him a dime for the project.

You can listen to his full thoughts on the project below.

Kyle went on to make another post where he played drafts of FN Meka songs that he said he voiced for the project.

HuffPost has reached out one of the AI rapper’s creators, Anthony Martini, for comment on Kyle’s allegations.

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