Vanessa Hudgens Talks Know Beauty, Skin Care, and Tools

Know Beauty’s New Product Focus

Instead of the 17-piece range that Know Beauty initially launched — which included everything from cleansers to moisturizers — Know Beauty 2.0 only has one SKU (for now): the Glacial Bay Clay Mask ($35). It came to fruition out of a personal need of Hudgens’s. “I have very oily skin — I’ve dealt with acne my entire life, into my adulthood,” she says. “Clay masks have always been something that I have loved trying but always were a bit too drying for me.” She felt there was room for innovation. Looking to nature, one of her biggest inspirations, for the best ingredients (like Canadian colloidal clay), she created her first product.

But why just a mask? Hudgens put it plainly: “I’m not trying to take you away from the normal lineup that you have. It’s just something that you can slot in.” With that said, Know Beauty will be expanding in the future, just with a focus on skin treatments specifically.

Vanessa Hudgens‘s Self-Care Routine

Face masks made sense for Know Beauty from a market perspective; they’re also something Hudgens is passionate about. It was a synergistic fit.

“I really prioritize my mask because I know that it works and it’s going to do everything that I want it to do,” she says. Her full self-care routine involves putting on a face mask, lighting some candles, and saging herself, but when she’s short on time, she likes to apply it first thing in the morning. “Throw it on, come to the day, brush my teeth, and then get into the shower and rinse it off,” she says.

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