Vampiric Visual Novel First Bite Releasing November 17

First Bite Games is thrilled to bring everyone their first game, First Bite, an LGBTQ+ dark comedy visual novel that gives players a chance at a second life, after death. 🩸


  • Three vampires to romance
  • If romance isn’t your thing, forge a (cursed) friendship
  • Customize your character’s name and choose your pronouns
  • Multiple potential ‘Dead Ends.’ Choose your words wisely, or find fangs at your throat
  • Multiple potential ‘positive’ outcomes 
  • Partial Voice Acting with the talents of Alejandro Saab (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), Jalen Cassell (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), and Marie Westbrook (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Four collectible CGs 

In First Bite, players step into the shoes of Noe Amsel, a human fascinated by all things supernatural who ends up in the hands of three centuries-old vampires. Noe is the resident Cryptid lover, spider hater, and loves halloween candy!

Curious to see if the rumors about the creepy old house on Dead End Drive are true, Noe takes a chance and quickly discovers there’s no escape from its inhabitants, three gorgeous vampires: Laurel, Ilyas, and Valeria. 🩸

first bite bedroom screenshot
Noe in their bedroom. Note the fun poster cameos of other visual novel games!

But not all endings are fatal…

First Bite is rated 18+ for strong language, violence (potential player death), blood and gore, (optional) sexual scenes (including consensual kink and BDSM), (supernatural) emotional manipulation, and other content that some players may find disturbing. Player discretion is advised.

For more information, follow First Bite Games on Twitter and check out their official website. You can pre-order the game now for $6.66 or get the game once it’s out for $9.99 at

About First Bite Games:

First Bite Games is a partnership between Souha Al-Samkari, Dani Dee, Aenne Schumann, and Kris Wise. They are a small indie team of four developers with a passion for creating narrative-driven games. Souha is known for her work on Akash: Path of the Five and her upcoming game Runner. Dee worked on Alkahest and is currently working on High Elo Girls. Aenne has been a part of the Arcade Spirits series and The World Next Door. Kris has worked on When the Night Comes, Errant Kingdom, and Call Me Under. First Bite is their first game together.

Images courtesy of First Bite Games

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