Two Arrested After Breaking Into Kleøpatra’s Home –

Two people have been arrested after breaking into the home of Kleøpatra, a budding electronic music artist.

At around 5:10am on December 31st, Kleøpatra was asleep at home when the suspects violently “kicked the front door in,” according to the DJ, who has released music on a number of popular electronic labels such as Excision’s Subsidia Records.

Authorities identified the suspects as Chase Nielson, 36, and Stacy Nielson, 37, proprietors of a local rave merchandise brand, Utah Rave Fam, LLC.

“My roommate started yelling at them to get out once she realized they were in my house,” Kleøpatra tells “By the time I had gotten out of bed and downstairs, they were already out of the house and I then immediately called the police.”

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