Tomorrowland Shoots for Three Festival Weekends in 2022 to Compensate for Cancellations

Tomorrowland is requesting three festival weekends in 2022.

The leading dance music event, which usually takes place over two weekends annually, is planning to add another due to “economic necessity to compensate for the cancellations.”

“We really have to do this to cushion the financial hangover,” Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen revealed to Het Laatste Nieuws. “Before Covid, there were no plans to start organising three weekends.”

Not only has Tomorrowland been forced to cancel its staple event in Boom, Belgium for two years running, but its Tomorrowland Winter installment as well.

“Do not forget that we have already had to miss six festival weekends, four in Belgium and another two in France with Tomorrowland Winter,” Wilmsen said.

In addition to locked in weekends of July 22-24 and July 29-31, Tomorrowland would also take place July 15-17 in 2022. This request must be accepted by Boom and Rumst municipalities and the Antwerp province.

If approved, the third weekend of Tomorrowland will be a one-off event, as organizers plan to revert back to two weekends after next year.


Source: Brussels Times

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