Tom Grennan shares new single ‘Here’, tracklisting and release date for ‘What Ifs & Maybes’

Tom Grennan has shared a new preview of his upcoming third album, ‘What Ifs & Maybes’ – an emotive and triumphant number titled ‘Here’ – alongside a release date and tracklisting for the full record.

In a statement, Grennan said of the new single (via Virgin Radio): “With what’s going on in the world, with so many people struggling, affected financially, by COVID, by loads of different things, it’s one of those songs that helps you believe there is somebody in your life that is going to be there for you in the struggle. 

“There’s the battle of everything. But when it’s shared with somebody else, you’re doing it together, not just on your own. So that’s what it’s about, if I’m here for you, then please be here for me.”

Have a listen to ‘Here’ below:

Over on social media, Grennan revealed that ‘What Ifs & Maybes’ will be released on June 9 via Insanity and Sony. He said of his ambitions for the LP: “I wanted to make a record that hopefully helps people, de-shackle, take risks and realise their dreams… remember without you I’m nothing!”

See the cover art and tracklisting for ‘What Ifs & Maybes’ below, and find pre-orders for the record here.

1. ‘How Does It Feel’
2. ‘Remind Me’
3. ‘Crown Your Love’
4. ‘Here’
5. ‘Before You’
6. ‘Sleeping Rough’
7. ‘This Side Of The Room’
8. ‘Psychedelic Kisses’
9. ‘All These Nights’
10. ‘Problems’
11. ‘Head Up’
12. ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’
13. ‘Someone I Used To Know’
14. ‘You Are Not Alone’

‘What Ifs & Maybes’ was announced last September alongside details of a UK arena tour, which Grennan will embark on in March. At the time, he explained that the album is “about going with your gut, not your head, because you never know what’s going to happen”.

Further expounding on those themes, he continued: “I’m not afraid to jump into the unknown – because it’s exciting! It’s about rolling the dice and living your best life with nothing to lose. I’m in a new creative space, and I know I’m finally the artist I want to be.”

In a recent interview with NME, Grennan called the new album a “different chapter” of his career, which will take him in “a different direction” from 2021’s ‘Evering Road’ album. “One door has closed and another one is open,” he said. “[‘What Ifs & Maybes’ is] a colourful album, an exciting one and it’s really going to lift people’s moods – because it lifts mine.

‘Here’ is the fourth single released from ‘What Ifs & Maybes’, following ‘Remind Me’ last March, ‘All These Nights’ in July and ‘You Are Not Alone’ in December.

Meanwhile, last October saw Grennan appointed as one of the latest patrons of The Music Venue Trust. Speaking about the importance of the effort, Grennan said: “Grassroots venues are so important because if we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have music.”

“Music is still alive and this is why venues like this are so important, because if we didn’t have venues I wouldn’t be about, and I know a lot of others wouldn’t be about. There are so many artists, so many genres of music, so many different people that are wanting or needing to be found. You don’t need to be glued to your phone to try and find the next big thing because, trust me, the next big things are in venues like this.”

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