Tom Ford Interviews Rita Wilson About Her New Album “Now and Forever: Duets”

Ford: Do you have confidence when you break out and do new things?

Wilson: Never, no!

Ford: Really?

Wilson: No, I don’t, but if I feel compelled to do something then I must overcome that fear and overcome all those doubts. Music has enabled me in a way to be more the artist than I feel that I am. I still act, and I will do things that come up that are interesting. You know, I’ve said this before, but I’ve exhausted the canon on warm, kind, wholesome, nurturing, mother, wife, sister, and friend roles.

Ford: So maybe you should play somebody really mean and wicked!

Wilson: I need to play wicked! Exactly, that would be amazing!

Ford: The word that’s only used for female dogs in a kennel…

Wilson: Exactly.

Ford: Who is a new young artist who you think is great?

Wilson: I think Lizzo is fantastic. I like Billie Eilish a lot. She’s so original and so confident.

Ford: You are not only a talented actress and a talented singer, but the world doesn’t know what a great athlete you are! I mean you are a great skier, tennis player, water skier…. I mean you’re a jock! People don’t know that about you. I mean not many people know that “Rita looks beautiful on a red carpet, but she can also water ski!”

Wilson: I love sports, like sometimes if people said to me, “Okay, you can’t be in the arts what would you do?” I would either be an athlete, or I would be a CIA or FBI agent!

Ford: Coming back to music. The enduring appeal of the ’70s in music is amazing. I was watching America’s Got Talent with Jack the other night and there were all these young performers, and everybody was doing ’70s music.

Wilson: Exactly!

Ford: They were all like 18 years old.

Wilson: There’s something I want to ask about ’70s music, and I find it puzzling and I hope someone can answer for me. Why is it that ’70s music is liked by a younger generation?

Ford: You answered it earlier! It’s because it was that first time you have the singer-songwriter and songs were about something real and something, you know, that is “forever” in a way. I mean let’s face it, nothing is new under the sun. We have all felt heartache, we have all felt joy and hopefully we have all felt love. The lyrics of ’70s songs are relatable and still resonate.

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