Tips for choosing a throw blanket

The textile or fabric affects the feel and the cost of a throw, so it’s probably the most important factor when choosing one. “Everyone has their own definition of cozy. It comes down to quality, affordability and convenience,” Utz says. Wool is superior for warmth, but some people find that it irritates their skin. Cashmere, a fiber from cashmere goats, is incredibly soft, but also more expensive. Cotton is durable, hypoallergenic and softens with every wash. “Fleece is another good option, as it is warm and soft to the touch, but easy to wash and costs less than wool,” Sole says. For the most bang for your buck, look to cotton/polyester blends, which are not only soft and snugly, but also machine washable, says Danielle Blundell, executive home director for Apartment Therapy.

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