Ticketmaster Cancels Public Sale of Tickets for Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour : entertainment

I wonder if she’s gonna have some business sense here and realize this is money and positive PR she’s leaving on the table.

Taylor Swift doesn’t need Ticketmaster or the venues. They need her.

She should start doing her own concert ticket management and sales. Sell half the tickets at auction to the highest bidders (scalpers/the wealthy). Then, for the other half of the tickets charge a reasonable price (like $50-100) and require fans to send in fun videos asking for the tickets/personal info to ID they are who they say they are and do a lottery for the tickets.

That way you get most the scalping money directly, cut out Ticketmaster, and can sell half your tickets at a good price to actual fans.

You may tons of money off the ultra wealthy/scalpers and then also get to have some of your fanbase enjoy your concert affordably as well.

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