Thundercat Stagecrasher Ejected While Attempting To Sing For The Audience

Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to be invited onstage during a show, the band might let you sing for / with them, like that time the Strokes had a fan sing “Ode To The Mets.” And then there’s what happened at a Thundercat show earlier this week. During Thundercat’s Tuesday night performance at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, a fan in the audience somehow got past security, jumped onstage mid-song and hugged Thundercat, forcing him to pause the show.

After giving Thundercat a long embrace, the stagecrasher lowered the mic and said to the crowd, “Well, I’m here… I’m a singer.” She sure seemed ready to live out her main character moment and give a live performance of her own. But the crowd was not having it, letting out a chorus of boos. Thundercat politely tried to nudge her back from the mic, and security took over, pulling her off to the side. The only thing missing was a vaudeville hook. Watch the entire scene go down below.

On the same night at a venue across town, a fan performed during Snail Mail’s set, but that fan was invited.

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