Thomas Xavier Returns With Electrifying Tech House EP, ‘Good Dome’ [Pharoah Phoenix]

Thomas Xavier is a master of the house and tech house groove, already proving his talent on sensational tracks like Funky Skunk” and “Peekaboo”. His music has been widely received, pulling over 100k streams via DSP’s in under 6 weeks.

Now, he’s back with yet another electrifying tech house EP titled ‘Good Dome‘ signed to his Pharoah Phoenix imprint. Flex Yo Freak,” wastes no time bringing infectious house vibes, moving nicely with a rumbling bass line and a groovy mood. Good Dome” builds upon the energy of the previous track, with ferocious house bass leads and synth stabs that renders the single perfect for a peak moment in a set. Xavier is amazing at blending a variety vocal samples with different synth sounds that not only keeps you on your toes, excited about what to expect next, but also will keep your body glued to the dance floor.

Thomas Xavier adds, “Good Dome & Flex Yo Freak are two songs that express my journey into the depths of life.  To foster a beginner’s mind, and expose your limiting beliefs… while getting weird… Priceless.

Listen below!

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