This Is the Ideal Watch Size

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This week in Box + Papers, we’re sharing some exclusive findings from Mark Cho, the owner of The Armoury and Drake’s. Over the years, many of Cho’s customers have told him that they have small wrists, which is surprising to him: “Men don’t typically say they have small anything,” he told me. He started to get interested in the idea of men misjudging the size of their own wrists, and how that might affect the watches they wear. In 2018, he launched a survey dedicated to gathering data around men’s wrist sizes and their watches. The survey, which he ran for nearly three years, from August 2018 to March 2021, revealed that many men believe they have small wrists, and so tend to prefer smaller watches. 

Cho reopened the survey in September 2022, and just closed it this Wednesday at midnight. I slid into his DMs to ask him about the results. 

CW: How many people participated this time around?

MC: Last time was like 1800, and this time is about 2400. Seems like preferences actually got a little smaller, which is kind of cool.

MC: This is pretty similar to beforeway too many people thinking they have small wrists compared to the measured wrist size

CW: Lolol wrist size dysmorphia plagues the watch community
MC: 😂 Yea, man, for real it’s dysmorphia. People see the marketplace see a ton of big watches and think, “O shit i must be small.”

CW: That’s true, when I try on a 40mm watch I’m like holy shit this thing is massive.  But you’re saying the preference towards small watches leaned even further in that direction.Compared to last time, even more people prefer smaller watches?
MC: Yes, seems like it. I’ll show you a few more charts:

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