This Cranberry and Custard Trifle recipe could be your holiday show-stopper dessert

This adaptation of a traditional English trifle leans heavily on holiday flavors, such as nutmeg and cranberry, as well as on panettone, the Italian confection specific to the season. If you want to make your own cake, a basic pound cake, accented with Cointreau, will work well, too. In fact, any cake you happen to have around — snacking cake, past-prime cranberry-orange muffins, fruit cake — can stand-in for the panettone. If you don’t want to make whipped cream, you can use real whipped cream in a can and pipe fun designs on top of the trifle. What to do with all of those egg whites? Make meringues or a pavlova. The dessert can also be assembled in any deep, clear vessel or even individual glasses.

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