These Are the 11 Best Quiet Luxury Bags

Conversations about designer handbags typically revolve around one specific phrase: “It bags”. That saying has been less prominent recently, though, replaced by conversations that have turned to quiet luxury bags that combine ease, subtlety, quality craftsmanship, and a lack of prominent logos. This isn’t to say that these bags are completely anonymous, though, despite a lack of branding. Rather, they have an IYKYK quality in the form of signature clasps and silhouettes that only astute fashion observers would recognize.

Though there are a number of cult bags that fall into the camp of quiet luxury, Savette is a noteworthy newcomer. According to Net-a-Porter Market Director Libby Page, its sleek silhouettes are resonating with shoppers. With nearly 600 sales across Net-a-Porter in 2022, Savette is one one of the only brands to successfully break into the luxury bag market across the retailer in a long time—an impressive coup for a rising label that began in 2020. This signals a rise in the quiet luxury category overall, as the label joins the leagues of investment brands including Hermès, Khaite, Celine, and Prada that are as quiet as they are cool.

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