The World’s First “Choral Rave” Is Set to Debut In Brooklyn –

A first-of-its-kind “choral rave” is coming to New York, according to its organizers, Choral Chameleon.

The Brooklyn-based group, whose mission is to reframe choral music through experimental performance, have announced “Bigger Than My Song,” which will debut at the Irondale Center for Theater, Education and Outreach on January 20th. In collaboration with FEVER, the choir will work alongside DJ HeTheyWe for the unique dance music crossover show.

Over a three-night run, the DJ and choir will host a dance party as 50 a cappella voices reimagine hits into techno, trance and house remixes. According to a press release shared with, they’ll power through music by Rhianna, Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande and the Bee Gees, among others.

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