The Most Savage Female Movie Characters

You may have noticed Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. She’s the riot-girl action hero of 2020 and the face of DC Comics who’s been hot as a firecracker since her live-action movie debut in Suicide Squad in 2016. Unstable, unpredictable, and entirely charming, Harley is played with reckless abandon by Margot Robbie. And, we should mention she’s a fanboy sex symbol unlike any other in comics today. Harley Quinn is quite the character.Yet, Harley is only the latest in a long line of savage female movie characters who’ve stirred the public’s collective imagination over the years. Harley’s rough-and-tumble predecessors are each memorably hardcore in their own ways. These ladies represented female power in their films, as Ms. Quinn does in hers, today. Stand back, these are the savages who paved the way for Harley to do her thing.

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