‘The Flash’ Season 9 News, Release Date, Cast, and Spoilers

The Flash is finally sprinting back to our screens, but now that it’s back for season 8, many fans are wondering if this will be the finale for DC’s beloved speedster. It might be early to think about a potential season 9 of The Flash, but we already know that not everything in the DC universe lasts forever. Fans recently had to say goodbye to Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning. Does that mean The Flash is next?

Here’s everything we know about The Flash season 9.

Wait, is The Flash really not coming back for season 9?

That’s the big question, and unfortunately for us, The CW hasn’t given us an answer just yet. Right now, the cast is signed to work on the series through season 8, which means their contracts are set to expire soon. Sometimes new deals can be tricky to negotiate, but since Jesse Martin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker just re-signed for season 8, there’s a good chance they would again if it means they can properly wrap their characters’ storylines. Grant Gustin’s contract is set to end after season 8 and would also need to be renegotiated if a ninth season were to happen.

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If the cast’s contracts are going to expire, does that mean season 9 is off the table?

Not at all. It just means that some ~formal talks~ need to happen before the show can move forward with another round. Also, since season 8 only just premiered, we don’t know exactly what is going to happen next in the show that could hint at something different. With so many speedsters now in the mix, there’s always a chance for a spinoff or a new Flash taking on the big spot.

When will we know whether or not season 9 is happening?

For the past couple years, The CW has basically renewed every show on the air (except for the ones coming to an end) during mid-season. That means we’ll probably find out in early 2022 whether The Flash will be back. Keep your fingers crossed!

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