The Fendi Baguette Comeback, Explained

And though the Baguette’s It-status waned for a few years — as handbags like the Louis Vuitton Pochette, Balenciaga City, Celine Luggage, and Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour skyrocketed in popularity — Fendi re-issuance of the style in 2019 inspired a second coming. When re-introducing the purple sequin version, which was first launched in the house’s fall 1999 collection and popularized by Sex And The City, Fendi tapped no other than Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Bradshaw, for the ad campaign. In the commercial, Parker is followed by a group of younger girls who are lusting after her bag, screaming, “Ma’am, I need that bag!” She then turns around, replying: “Oh, this isn’t a bag. It’s a Baguette!” 

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