The Fall Trends a Nordstrom Stylist Likes and Doesn’t Love

It’s always intriguing to discover trends and new items through the eyes of different fashion people. One industry insider who always has a fresh perspective is VIP Nordstrom stylist Sandy Koszarek. In her role, she is constantly sorting through new arrivals to uncover those special gems to recommend to her clients. On that note, she shared with us the specific fall trends that are on her rack right now that she wants many of her clients to test out for the season.

Alternatively, she also shared the fall trends she’s not as into this year and probably won’t suggest as much. Of course, it’s to note that you should always wear whatever you love and feel comfortable in, no matter what may be “trending” for some.

Keep scrolling to check out the trends Koszarek loves and isn’t feeling as much right now. You’ll also notice shopping recommendations. 

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