‘The Circle’ Season 5 News, Date, Cast, and Spoilers

Circle, take me to The Circle season 5. The Netflix series is totally addictive and not about to get blocked any time soon. I honestly feel like this show could go on forever. It has to be, like, the easiest show to make… right? It films in one location. They don’t even go on hometown trips or excursions like other reality shows. The finale takes place in the penthouse of the apartment where they live for the duration of filming. They literally just have to go upstairs.

If you’ve been living in a meticulously decorated one-bedroom apartment without internet access or physical human contact… you’re either a contestant on The Circle or you have no idea what The Circle is about. What are you doing on this page, bud? Just for you, I’ll explain the premise. The show turns the game of social media into a literal game. Players carefully craft their identity and try to remain as popular as possible so as not to be eliminated. It’s like Survivor meets Black Mirror. There are four seasons of the show’s American edition out already on Netflix, with more to come. Here’s everything we know about the future seasons of The Circle.

The Circle is getting a season 5, yes?

Way back in August of 2021, the unscripted social media hit was renewed for season 4 and season 5… so once season 4 is over we can rest assured that there is more Circle magic to come. Michelle Buteau will be back hosting the fifth season as well.

Who’s going to be in it?

We won’t know the cast until the season drops. The Circle is super mysterious. Even the trailers don’t give us that much information about who’s who. Players come and go throughout the game, so even knowing who joins halfway through could be a spoiler.

Maybe the cast includes… you? You can totally apply to be in future seasons of The Circle U.S. Start working on your strategy now!

When is The Circle coming back for season 5?

While there’s no official release date, I would guess that The Circle will be back for Season 5 sooner rather than later. After the first season hit in 2020, there were two seasons in 2021. We could easily see the fifth season at the end of the year?

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