The Chicest 2023 Trends for Minimal and Casual Style

While Los Angeles-based influencer Jen Andrews-Cater certainly dresses up for specific occasions, her “real life” day-to-day style often skews on the more casual side to lean into her self-described minimal aesthetic. That said, “casual” and “simple” certainly don’t equate to “boring.” 

While Andrews-Cater likes to keep it more low-key, those said looks are still forward and highly modern. On that note, she actually shared with us a few of the items she’s been wearing more of and those that she wants to add to her closet for the new year to create her 2023 casual ensembles.

Below you’ll uncover Andrews-Cater’s current shopping list. You’ll notice easy-to-wear trends that could truly work for a variety of styles. Keep scrolling for more, along with testimonials, visual references, and shopping recommendations. 

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