The Best Winter Styles To Try

Thankfully, this classic staple is not new to many people’s wardrobes. Much like their biker relatives, aviator jackets are easily available at vintage and thrift stores, making them a more sustainable option for staying on-trend this season. Unlike 2022’s bikercore craze that really encouraged people to hit the gas pedal, both brands and street style darlings have offered a few options that take the aviator jackets into glam territory. Miu Miu, for example, showed cropped dark-hued versions, paired with leather skirts, as well as sequinned iterations, styled with sheer dresses. Burberry took a more classic approach in the form of a sleek, tan bomber jacket, paired with a matching maxi skirt and knee-high boots, while Dion Lee pushed the staple forward with furry fabric over the lapels and sleeves, paired with a cargo mini skirt. Creators like Alexandra Pereira have also taken advantage of the current UGG craze, matching their shearling detail with suede aviator jackets. 

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