The Best Movies and TV to Watch On Netflix in April

Spring is officially here, and while we’re all eager to get outside, let’s be real: It’s not quite warm enough to push TV to the side just yet.

If you’re diverting part of your budget from streaming subscriptions to new annuals to plant, let us tell you the ONE you should keep for April: Netflix.

A quick note on our criteria: Since you may pivot to different platforms each month, we prioritize series that you can watch in their entirety in the current month. That’s why we’re highlighting the finale of Love Is Blind, even though the latest season premiered in March.

If you have a little extra cash after winning your NCAA basketball pool, we also have a suggestion for a second streamer that’s worth the money in April; scroll down to see which and why.

Noteworthy Original Series

Beef (Apr. 6)** **After Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong) are involved in a road rage incident, they both become obsessed with exacting vengeance on each other, to the exclusion of most other concerns in their lives. The supporting cast of this dark comedy includes Maria Bello and Ashley Park; prolific comedy writer Lee Sung Jin (FXX’s DaveTuca & Bertie) makes his series creator début. 

Florida Man (Apr. 13) Making the leap from meme to series, Florida Man stars Édgar Ramirez as Mike Valentine, a former cop who returns to his home state to track down Delly (Abbey Lee) and return her to her boyfriend Moss (Emory Cohen), a Philadelphia Mob boss. Jason Bateman’s era as a Netflix star might be over for now with the end of Ozark last year, but he and the platform are still friendly: this title comes to us from his production company. 

__Obsession __(Apr. 13) Josephine Hart’s 1991 novel Damage was already adapted, in 1992, as a feature film from Louis Malle; now it’s getting the series treatment. This time, our protagonist is William (Richard Armitage of the Hobbit films), an esteemed surgeon who falls into an affair with Anna (Charlie Murphy), who’s engaged to marry William’s son.

Love Is Blind (Season 4 finale drops April 14) One of Netflix’s marquee dating reality shows, Love Is Blind challenges singles to fall in love based on the connections they make through conversations in “pods” connected by opaque screens; singles see each other for the first time only after one accepts the other’s wedding proposal. This time, post-pod episodes will follow participants back to their lives in the Seattle area, and see which of them actually say “I do” at the altar.

__The Diplomat __(Apr 20) It’s a great time to be a fan of the many talented stars of The Americans: Matthew Rhys is currently headlining the second season of HBO’s Perry Mason, and now Keri Russell is the titular lead of The Diplomat, the newest political drama from Homeland alumna Debora Cahn. The series finds Russell playing an ambassador suddenly assigned to the U.K. in the midst of an international crisis.

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