The Best Men’s Necklaces on Amazon Right Now

We wouldn’t blame you for asking us how to find the best men’s necklaces on Amazon—at first search, the jewelry situation can seem pretty bleak in Bezos-ville. But much like turning up some quality menswear on the Everything Store, finding a good necklace there isn’t hopeless: it just requires an expert eye and some spare time, both of which we happen to have. And in digging into Amazon’s deepest recesses for endorsable necklaces, we’ve turned up a motley mix of 17 glitzy, DIY-inspired joints and low-key name-brand gems.

If you’re jonesing to add a splash of color to your spring fits or just want to snag some funky jewelry without breaking the bank, the mega-retailer is a great first stop. Look past the bizarre names and slightly off-putting product shots, and you’ll see something for everyone: chain necklaces and pendants, gold-plated pieces and simple stainless steel. Necklaces with everyman appeal and necklaces that’ll dominate any warm-weather get-up. Oh, and puka shells. That Y2K nostalgia train is still chugging merrily along!

You probably know this, but don’t expect solid gold, sterling silver, or precious gems at Amazon prices. But what the 17 necklaces we’ve found lack in luxury materials, they deliver in…well, delivery speed. They’re all ready to arrive at your doorstep before you can say “click to add,” along with some bulk toilet paper and a fresh white tee or three. (Though only one of those will make your neck shine this season.)

Oh, and if you don’t see something here that fits the bill, check out GQ’s favorite affordable jewelry, or go wild and scope out the best necklaces for men, price be damned. But you probably won’t have to. The best men’s necklaces on Amazon—no longer an oxymoron!

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