The Best Labor Day Weekend Beauty Deals in 2022

I’m unsure how I did it, but I somehow managed to avoid most summer sales. This is a rare feat, so I thought it should be made known. Although I previously did well in that regard, now that fall is starting to roll around, it’s over for me. Labor Day deals are coming in fast and hot and my “Add to Cart” impulse has kicked into overdrive. There are so many good sales happening across the beauty industry that both my wallet and I are feeling a tad off-kilter. If you’re feeling similarly, take a breathe. I’ve scoured the internet for the absolute best Labor Day beauty deals so you don’t have to. Be prepared to find your new fall essentials. From fall eye shadow palettes to luxurious serums and oils, there’s something for every shopper. Unreal deals and steals ahead—keep scrolling.

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