The Best Jeans Trends to Wear With Blazers

One of my favorite outfit formulas is a blazer, jeans, and some sort of simple top. It’s effortless, chic, and works for so many occasions. When friends or family ask for recommendations of easy ensembles to try, this is one that always makes the list. Now, in reference to the specific cuts of the jeans and blazers, that sometimes varies based on the season. Currently, it’s a more oversize blazer, in general. For jeans, there are four denim silhouettes I like best. Although, basically every pair of jeans can team well with a blazer because of the versatility.

Keep scrolling to check out the chicest denim trends to wear with blazers this season. You’ll also find visual inspiration that showcases how the fashion crowd is styling said jeans at the moment. And if you’re interested in adding one of the styles or a blazer to your offering, I included an edit of top-notch finds to shop.

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